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Cheerleader started off as a bedroom exercise, longtime buddies Joe Haller (vocals/guitar) and Chris Duran (guitar) making various demos with Garageband. But in 2013 the Connecticut natives got serious and relocated to Philadelphia where they completed the band's line-up with Joshua Pannepacker (keyboards/guitar), Paul Impellizeri (bass) and Carl...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: CLIENT: AUTHORITY

Is there such a thing as cold war chic? That’s how I keep hearing Client described, though I think it’s more of a reference to their album covers and videos than to their music. After all, Authority is their fifth album and it’s only the first to show the women’s faces on the...
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VIDEO: Block B (블락비) – Jackpot

This video is kind of disturbing. We read a translation of the lyrics and they seem to be about getting older and becoming successful and people resenting you for it. But the video is just plain bizarre. It actually seems like they're bullying one of...
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