#songoftheday / REVIEW: LANA DEL REY: “WEST COAST”

Lana Del Rey’s red hot new single “West Coast” may, in fact, be at least partially about the West Coast, but it’s like the West Coast via Twin Peaks with its entirely haunting music and her super trippy vocals. Interestingly, the song, which was written by Lana and Rick Nowels, actually gets a bit slower — and more syrupy — during the moody chorus, rather than trying to hook you in any radio-friendly pop fashion. The fact of the matter is that the entire song is mesmerizing, so it doesn’t need a Katy Perry style chorus to grab you, but you still have to applaud Lana and producer Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys for doing something that’s so anti-mainstream. And we suppose her record label also deserves applause for releasing something so artsy as the first single from her forthcoming album Ultraviolence. Cheers all around then.







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