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VIDEO: Belle and Sebastian – “The Party Line”

Why yes, the rumors are true... Bell and Sebastian have gone disco! Oh, the horror! Actually, it's a glorious tune. From the funky bass guitar to the invigorating percussion and the flourishes of radiant synth, everything about this song is perfect. We're not sure...
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Rebecca & Fiona’s debut album, I Love You, Man, was as perfect as any pop debut could be. Astounding from start to finish, really. Compared to their new sophomore effort, Beauty is Pain, I Love You, Man is a bright and shiny sky with a double rainbow. And I suppose it always was,...
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#songoftheday GIRLS’ GENERATION (SNSD): “MR.MR.”

Today’s song of the day is a red hot slice of K-Pop heaven by SNSD (as they’re known in Korea), otherwise known as Girls’ Generation.  The song is called “Mr.Mr.” and it’s the title track of their incredible new EP, which was just released on iTunes here in the States (and probably much...
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