#songoftheday / AUDIO: SALT ASHES: “IF YOU LET ME GO”

Whether you prefer straightforward pop, indie pop or dance pop, Salt Ashes, otherwise known as 22 year old Veiga Sanchez, has got your number, her glorious new single “If You Let Me Go” being all three forms of pop at once.  It’s like a perfect blend of ’80’s Madonna, ’90’s electronica and today’s EDM.  That’s one strong cup of coffee, bursting with flavor like your favorite indie cafe’s espresso  roast.  And it leaves a sweet and, yes, salty, taste in your mouth after you’ve finished savoring it.  We’ll drink to that any day, any time.  Cheers!

“If You Let Me Go” will be released on October 20th, 2014 via Radikal Records.

Also, check out her previous single, “Somebody,” right here: https://soundcloud.com/saltashes/somebody









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