VIDEO: Belle and Sebastian – “The Party Line”

Why yes, the rumors are true… Bell and Sebastian have gone disco!  Oh, the horror!  Actually, it’s a glorious tune.  From the funky bass guitar to the invigorating percussion and the flourishes of radiant synth, everything about this song is perfect.  We’re not sure we’re sold on the idea of their new album, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, consisting entirely of dance tunes, but if that is the case then chances are we will end up loving it like everything else Bell and Sebastian have ever done.

Youtube info:

▶ Belle and Sebastian - The Party Line - YouTube

Published on Nov 18, 2014

From the upcoming album Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, out January 19/20 2015 on Matador Records:

Made by Cudmore + Leblanc (video credits below) Pre-order GiPWtD from iTunes: Pre-order GiPWtD from Amazon: Pre-order GiPWtD from Matador: Pre-order GiPWtD from Google Play: Video credits: directed by LeBlanc + Cudmore, produced by Jennifer Millington, written by Scott Cudmore, photographed by Michael LeBlanc, edited by Scott Cudmore and Michael LeBlanc, choreography by Robert Binet, styled by Muska Zurmati, hair and makeup by Caitlin Wright, steadicam op: Michael Heathcote, camera op: Justin Lovell, post fx by Jake Owens, colour by Trisha at Alter Ego Post, label: Matador Records, production company: Revolver Films






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