#songoftheday GIRLS’ GENERATION (SNSD): “MR.MR.”

Today’s song of the day is a red hot slice of K-Pop heaven by SNSD (as they’re known in Korea), otherwise known as Girls’ Generation.  The song is called “Mr.Mr.” and it’s the title track of their incredible new EP, which was just released on iTunes here in the States (and probably much of the world) today.  The release date was March 3rd, according to what it still states on Yes Asia, but the digital release was supposedly moved up because iTunes (allegedly) put it on sale early yesterday.  I’m not sure what country iTunes accidentally released it in, assuming that’s what happened, but it certainly went viral once it hit the net. (According to Wiki, it was always supposed to be released digitally worldwide today — the CD release in Korea being February 27th — but the video release was postponed because “a loss of data occurred resulting in a deletion of a portion of the footage.”)

In any case, “Mr.Mr.” is fast becoming one of my favorite K-Pop tunes of all-time.  It’s just so insanely infectious.  From the fuzzy bass to the jumbo beats to the sharp flourishes of strings and the various electro elements going on in the background, it’s easily one of the best-produced dance pop tunes you’ll hear all year in any language.  In fact, it was produced by The Underdogs, who’ve also produced such artists as Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, JoJo and many other artists.  As for the girls themselves, well, they sound incredible, especially when they’re harmonizing on the super addictive chorus.  The “aa-aa-ah” (if I’m transcribing it correctly) in the background is especially lovely.  (I also love the part that goes, “You bad, bad, bad boy, you’re so bad.)  And so I don’t feel like I’m being overly enthusiastic when I say that “Mr.Mr.” is sheer pop perfection.

Here’s hoping they release the video for this gem soon.  (FYI, their video for “I Got A Boy” won video of the year at the inaugural Youtube Awards.)


I will be reviewing the whole MR.MR. EP soon on the site that I review Asian music for, Otaku: http://otaku.collectiondx.com/



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