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#albumoftheday = JESSICA: WITH LOVE, J

S.M. Entertainment dismissed Jessica Jung from Girls’ Generation in 2014 due to scheduling conflicts related to the activities of her fashion brand Blanc & Eclare and the group’s schedule.  Considering that she was a fan favorite, firing her could’ve been career suicide for Girls’ Generation, or SNSD as they’re known in Korea, but...
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#(mini)K-POPalbumoftheday = TIFFANY: I JUST WANNA DANCE

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has finally gone solo. She’s still in GG, as well as the GG subunit Taetiseo, but now she has her first mini-album under her belt as well. Of course, this isn’t the first solo song we’ve heard from her, as she’s done ballads for soundtracks like Princes Ja Myung Go...
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#songoftheday GIRLS’ GENERATION (SNSD): “MR.MR.”

Today’s song of the day is a red hot slice of K-Pop heaven by SNSD (as they’re known in Korea), otherwise known as Girls’ Generation.  The song is called “Mr.Mr.” and it’s the title track of their incredible new EP, which was just released on iTunes here in the States (and probably much...
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