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#(mini)K-POPalbumoftheday = TIFFANY: I JUST WANNA DANCE

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has finally gone solo. She’s still in GG, as well as the GG subunit Taetiseo, but now she has her first mini-album under her belt as well. Of course, this isn’t the first solo song we’ve heard from her, as she’s done ballads for soundtracks like Princes Ja Myung Go...
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An Exclusive Interview with Olga Bell

by Michael McCarthy Olga Bell was born in Moscow and lived there until she was seven and her family moved to Alaska, but she was still a teenager when she left Alaska to pursue a career as a pianist, having played since she was a young girl, at the New England Conservatory in...
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An Exclusive Interview with Lyra

by Michael McCarthy In addition to well-established artists, I like to introduce our readers to promising new artists. Today we have an interview with Lyra, an enthusiastic singer/songwriter who got her start at the age of 6 when she began singing at her local church. She wasn’t just a church singer, though. Also...
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#songoftheday = children of pop: “Manic”

If you like artsy, experimental pop then today's #songoftheday should put a huge smile on your face. It delivers more sounds than one could possibly count, layers and layers of them, and it also shifts directions when you least expect it. A real artistic statement, not...
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#songoftheday = KERLI: BLOSSOM

Have I mentioned how happy I am that Kerli is making electro-pop again? Her dance music was great, sure, but her lyrics and voice fit electronic soundscapes better than club beats. At least that's my opinion. ...
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#songoftheday = WHITE SEA: “BLOODLINE”

"Bloodline" is the second song offered from White Sea, a.k.a Morgan Kibby, from her art project Postcards From Nowhere, which allows her to share an interactive experience with fans and gives her the platform to release songs whenever she likes without planning an album or EP. "I...
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Amazing, amazing, amazing. Yes, Garbage's new single, "Empty," is so amazing that it deserves it being said three times. Well, OK, I've just used it four times. Do I need to say it again? Seriously though, Garbage's pop sensibilities remain in tact as do...
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