#songoftheday = Brandyn Burnette: “KARMA”


“It’s coming back to you,” Brandyn Burnette sings here on his new self-described, progressive soul single “Karma,” and he’ll have you worrying that that bad thing you did is coming back to bite you in the ass any day now.  “Be careful what you say and what you do,” he warns.  “It’s coming back to you.”  Certainly not the worst advice we’ve ever been given by a song.   The way his gently strummed guitars deliver you to its sugar-crusted chorus will have you feeling like you’ve just had an eye-opening religious experience.  Granted, he’s not delivering any advice that hasn’t been given thousands of times before, but he makes it sink deep into your brain, essentially branding it.  It won’t hurt though.  On the contrary, it tickles.  It’ll have that part of you that loves pop or soul laughing from the sheer delight of it.

Brandyn was born in Boca Raton, Floriday, his father being Capitol Records’ R&B artist O’Bryan, who scored such hits on the ’80’s charts as “The Gigolo.”  Inspired by his father’s music and record collection, Brandyn wanted to make music from a very young age and started to learn the piano when he was 7.  By 13 he was writing soulful pop songs.  When he went to NYC to attent NYU on a full musical scholarship, he had already amassed a catalog of 80 original tunes.  In 2011, he signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records and released the hit single, “Thanks for Nothing.”  He also co-wrote “Don’t Say Goodnight” by Hot Chelle Rae and worked on MKTO’s debut album.  More recently, he’s co-written songs for Jake Miller, Jordan Fisher and Charlie Puth.

“My whole life has been adapting to new situations,” shares Brandyn. “Each chapter has helped me reach the next level of my emotional and artistic development. I would take the qualities and experiences I loved about a certain place or time with me, leave others behind that didn’t fit, and start over as a newer, better version of myself, finding my own lane among those influences.”



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