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An Exclusive Interview with Molly Moore

interview by Michael McCarthy In a perfect world, Molly Moore would need no introduction. Her elegant pop songs are a perfect mix of both catchy, mainstream and pensive, artsy pop. At her core, Molly is a singer/songwriter. It just so happens that her songs are exquisitely produced pop. Well, most of them. Her...
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An Exclusive Interview with Brandyn Burnette

Last month I was introduced to Brandyn Burnette’s music via his pensive single “Karma,” which already has 20k plays on Soundcloud alone. He categorizes his music as neo-soul, but to my ears “Karma” was sheer electro-pop bliss. In any case, I had to hear more after that taste and was lucky enough to...
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#songoftheday = Brandyn Burnette: “KARMA”

"It's coming back to you," Brandyn Burnette sings here on his new self-described, progressive soul single "Karma," and he'll have you worrying that that bad thing you did is coming back to bite you in the ass any day now. "Be careful what you say and what...
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