#songoftheday = DANELLE: NUMB

I love it when I randomly come across a wonderful song.  I just stumbled upon Danelle’s “Numb” when it came on after something else I was listening to on Soundcloud.  It’s a perfect electro-pop ballad if ever there was one.  Oddly enough, it even has some trap-rap style percussion, although there’s no actual rapping during the song.  “How do you feel anything when you’re numb?” she sings, trying to get through to someone who’s too numb to care.  It’s interesting because usually songs like this are from the perspective of the person who’s feeling numb, or depressed or otherwise emotionally struggling.  The twist here is that it’s from the perspective of the person who’s suffering because they can’t make a connection with the numb person.  It’s as clever as it is enchanting, casting a spell over the listener that will have you experiencing the feelings she conveys.




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