If you’re a fan of industrial pop you’re going to go ga-ga for this one, the Volkova Sister’s “Bianco.”  Musically, it’s like My Bloody Valentine meets Nine Inch Nails, the vocals splitting the difference between Kerli and Björk.  The perfect mix of sonorous, persistent beats and dreamy vocals.  The result?  An infectious song that will pleasantly linger in your head for hours after listening to it, largely because you’ll find yourself playing it over and over again — and loving it more every time.

The Volkova Sisters borrowed their name from William Gibson’s cyberpunk masterpiece Pattern Recognition.  They are currently based out of London but were formed in Budapest in 2009.  The “sisters” are Gergely Kovacs, Daniel Sandor and Dalma Berger, who first came together because they shared a passion for the darker side of ’80’s new wave music.  They first came to the States in 2011, playing such places as SXSW, Whiskey Go Go and the Viper Room.  They performed at several illegal warehouse parties in the LA area as well and they’ve been going strong ever since, having pumped out three EPs to date.  This summer they’ll release their first full-length album, which is entitled Blood Shapes This Faith.  If the rest of the album is as intoxicating as “Bianco” we’ll be getting quite drunk.


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  1. fred kempster says:

    Fantastic one, man. The video gives me the creeps but I’m enjoying the hell out of the song.

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