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#songoftheday = KERLI: BLOSSOM

Have I mentioned how happy I am that Kerli is making electro-pop again? Her dance music was great, sure, but her lyrics and voice fit electronic soundscapes better than club beats. At least that's my opinion. ...
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NEWS: Pain of Salvation – To release “Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived)”

Swedish progressive rock/metal innovators Pain of Salvation have announced a very special reissue version of their classic 2002 album “Remedy Lane” entitled “Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived)” for July 1st, 2016 via InsideOutMusic. With this release, Pain of Salvation re-visit their ground-breaking and genre-bending “Remedy Lane” album by teaming up with old...
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There are albums that are difficult to wrap your head around and there are albums that are impossible to wrap your head around. I thought the album Triangle by Switzerland’s Schammasch was going to be the latter after reading the press release, which points out that it’s 100 minutes long, a triple album...
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#songoftheday = WHITE SEA: “BLOODLINE”

"Bloodline" is the second song offered from White Sea, a.k.a Morgan Kibby, from her art project Postcards From Nowhere, which allows her to share an interactive experience with fans and gives her the platform to release songs whenever she likes without planning an album or EP. "I...
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Amazing, amazing, amazing. Yes, Garbage's new single, "Empty," is so amazing that it deserves it being said three times. Well, OK, I've just used it four times. Do I need to say it again? Seriously though, Garbage's pop sensibilities remain in tact as do...
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#songoftheday = INGLORIOUS: “HOLY WATER”

Today Inglorious have released their new video for "Holy Water," a swampy blues track from their self-titled debut released back in February via Frontiers Music. (Read our interview with frontman Nathan James here: It's the sort of wicked song you used to have to go...
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