#songoftheday = Abstract – “Neverland” Featuring Ruth B

You never know where you’ll find a good song.  I went to Youtube to check out a video by a rapper a record label sent me the link for.  Well, to be perfectly honest, it was rubbish.  But then this one came on and immediately grabbed me.  First, I was just impressed by Ruth B’s ethereal voice on the chorus, which the song begins with, but then rapper Abstract started rhyming and blew me away.   He spits fire, the words coming out of his mouth as fast as bullets shoot from a machine gun,   It’s the sonic equivalent of watching someone juggle five apples at a time, never dropping one.  You just sit there with your jaw dropping and have to pay attention.  There’s no ignoring Abstract when he raps.  Better still, his lyrics are positive and inspiring.  You won’t want to miss a beat.

Youtube info:

Published on Apr 22, 2016

watch in 1080p!

Brand new video for my song “Neverland”, shot and directed by Adam McArthur. This video has been a long time coming and arrives almost exactly a year after its official release! Thank you to everyone who shared and showed support for it, this marks the beginning of what will be a






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