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#songoftheday / VIDEO: Muse – “Dead Inside”

I've been a fan of Muse from the very beginning and I usually like most things they do. Occasionally, though, they'll start to lose me. To that end, I was beginning to fear that I wouldn't like their forthcoming album Drones very much after hearing the...
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Be Ben Lee has confirmed a U.S. tour to in promotion of the release if his Warner Bros. Records debut, Love Is the Great Rebellion, which will be released on June 2nd in the U.S. The first single from the album, “Big Love,” was released on 7″ vinyl on Records Store Day. Click here to listen!...
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#songoftheday / AUDIO: Strange Names – “Return”

"I'm not your springtime fantasy," goes "Return," a gem of a new song from Strange Names, a band consisting of recent New York transplants Fletcher Aleckson, Francis Ximenez and Liam Benzvi. The irony here is that "Return" actually feels like a red hot spring fling, coming at...
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