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#songoftheday = EMMY THE GREAT: “MAHAL KITA”

Usually, our song of the day selections are just released, new songs.  But sometimes one feels like shining the proverbial light on something that's been around for a while.  That's the case with today's pick, "Mahal Kita" by Emmy The Great. ...
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#albumoftheday / EMMY THE GREAT: SECOND LOVE

I recently reviewed Emmy the Great’s Boston show, and did an insightful interview with her, so you probably should realize that I’d recommend her new album, Second Love, but I’m writing this anyway, just in case it wasn’t so obvious, and in case you forgot that the album was coming out today.  Besides,...
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review by Michael McCarthy all photos by Joshua Bernard and may not be reproduced without his permission Last night our resident Love is Pop photographer, Joshua Bernard, and I headed into Beantown (that’s Boston) to catch Emmy The Great’s show at Cafe 939 at Berklee (the famous music college).  It proved to be...
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Emmy The Great: Exclusive Interview 2016

On March 11th the much beloved singer/songwriter Emmy The Great will release her gorgeous third album, Second Love (her debut was called First Love, Virtue her second).  It’s her first album in five years and it was well worth the wait, each song like a poetic love letter that goes straight to your...
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#songoftheday = EMMY THE GREAT: “ALGORITHM”

Emmy The Great once again lives up to her name! “Algorithm” finds Emmy’s voice at the forefront, as she gently sings things like “pumping through my brain, it’s an algorithm,”  her voice pretty as a peach.  “Talk to me like you’re walking me home / Tell me something nobody knows,” goes one of...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: EMMY THE GREAT: S

It’s been a few years since Emmy The Great — born Emma-Lee Moss — released her last album, Virtue in 2011, but you can hardly blame her when she’s so busy doing things like mentoring for the Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music (Strummerville), writing for The Guardian and Noisey, and re-enacting the...
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