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LYRIC VIDEO: Davidge – “Gallant Foxes”

Davidge was Massive Attack's third wheel ever since the album Mezzanine. He co-wrote and produced some of their best tracks, including "Teardrop," the instrumental version of which went on to become the theme song to the show House M.D. after the original version of the song was...
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If you don't know Korean then you must watch it with the English subtitles. It starts off with lots of people talking about Gain, referring to rumors about her and giving their honest opinions. After a few amusing minutes of that, it gets to the song,...
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VIDEO: Daddy Yankee – “La Nueva y La Ex”

Slightly NSFW. Lots of women in lingerie as well as half-naked women who are standing with their arms across their boobs. So, it doesn't quite show nudity, but it definitely suggests it, so you'd probably look bad if you were watching it and your boss came...
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VIDEO: Che’Nelle – “Pay Me No Attention”

This does not feel like a complete song. It's like a pop-flavored R&B song with tasty enough beats and some wonderful vocals from Che'Nelle, but after the chorus it just goes to some lame EDM beats for several seconds and ends. So, if it's supposed to...
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It's not another "Pumped Up Kicks" but it is catchy nevertheless. That said, we don't think it'll be a big hit and we hope it's not the best song on the album because we know they're capable of better. Like we said, it's catchy -- we're...
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