VIDEO: Che’Nelle – “Pay Me No Attention”

This does not feel like a complete song.  It’s like a pop-flavored R&B song with tasty enough beats and some wonderful vocals from Che’Nelle, but after the chorus it just goes to some lame EDM beats for several seconds and ends.  So, if it’s supposed to be an ad for the mixtape to get people excited, we suppose it works as that.  We just hope this isn’t the full song because it would really suck for a good song to just abruptly end, especially with some generic EDM beats that don’t mesh with the rest of the song whatsoever.

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Published on Feb 5, 2014

Che’Nelle presents “Pay Me No Attention” the first in a series of music videos from her highly anticipated mixtape, REVOLuTion

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Director – ELY (
Produced by AYB (
Written by CJ ( & Che’Nelle





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