If you don’t know Korean then you must watch it with the English subtitles.  It starts off with lots of people talking about Gain, referring to rumors about her and giving their honest opinions.  After a few amusing minutes of that, it gets to the song,  “Truth Or Dare,” which proves to address the gossip and such.  And it’s a great tune.  It’s hard to pay attention to it though because they keep splicing in more people talking about her even while the video for “Truth Or Dare” is going on.  But the end result is clearly what they wanted to achieve with this: 1. You’re curious about Gain’s new music. 2. You realize how silly and stupid the rumors about her are.


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Published on Feb 5, 2014

[MV] Gain(가인) _ Truth or Dare(진실 혹은 대담)

*English subtitles are now available. 😀
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[Step 2/4] has earned the popular interest and critics’ good review at the same time. Her confident and frank women looks were shown in [Talk about S], and this time she is back with the solo mini album [Truth or Dare] where she stands against the truth and rumors about her.

[Truth or Dare] is done in a fake documentary style, which is based on how staffs and friends look at her, and at the same time how people generally see Gain and her image. It reveals everything about her. Up until now she is just known as decadent and sexy at the same time but here you can see another side of GAIN, and it shown with the staff who has worked with her for a long time, and it leaves us with the question, ‘Which is the real her’?


大衆と評論家の好評を同時に得た「Step 2/4]、率直で堂々とした主体的な女性像を描いた[Talk about S]に続き、真実と噂、そしてその噂を接する姿勢について語る三枚目のソロミニアルバ­ム[Truth or Dare]でガインが帰ってきた。


대중과 평단의 호평을 동시에 이끌어낸 [Step 2/4], 솔직하고 당당한 주체적인 여성상을 그린 [Talk about S]에 이어 진실과 소문, 그리고 그 소문을 대하는 자세에 대하여 이야기 하는 세 번째 솔로 미니 앨범 [Truth or Dare]로 가인이 돌아왔다.

[진실 혹은 대담]의 뮤직비디오는 대중들이 이미지화 하고 있는 가상의 여가수 가인, 그리고 곁에서 함께 해온 스텝과 동료들이 바라본 가인의 모습, 그 소문과 진실에 대해 신랄하게 ‘폭로’하는 페이크 다큐멘터리 형식으로 제작되었다. 이제껏 퇴폐와 섹시미가 공존하는 이미지로만 여겨졌던 가인의 또 다른 모습, 그리고 가인과 함께 해온 스텝들의 모습까지 가감 없이 담긴 타이틀곡 뮤직비디오는 그 모습들 중 과연 어떤 것이 진실일까 하는 궁금증을 남기며 마무리 된다.





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