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This song has totally made our afternoon. Synthy, almost chillwave R&B that manages to be soothing and punchy at the same time. You could listen to this one when you're up and want to dance or you could listen to it when you're coming down and...
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Recently one of my favorite artists, Charlotte Martin, made a post on Facebook about her new album, Water Breaks Stone. I left a comment asking whom I should contact about covering the album for Love is Pop. A fellow fan of Martin’s work, Michael Rider, saw my post and commented to ask if...
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#songoftheday EEMIA: “SHY”

The wholly uplifting "Shy" is the first single and title track from Eemia's upcoming Shy EP. It was written by Eemia herself and she also co-produced the blissful earworm of a track with Danny Andrews. We're totally in love with her bright and soulful voice and the song's...
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#albumoftheday REVIEW: I AM HERESY: THY WILL

With a name like I Am Heresy, I should think you know what you’re in for here. And that’s a brutal beating over the head by some pummeling like hell drums, scorching guitars (of which they have THREE players), à toute vitesse bass and rage-fueled vocals, complete with some rather unorthodox lyrics. Like...
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