VIDEO: SAM SPARRO: Hang On To Your Love Feat. Durand Bernarr

Sam Sparro is back!  And what a smash!  It’s a throbbing, slick EDM masterpiece, really.  Love those pulsating beats.  Want to dance to it already.  And it’s got a positive message, too!  Also, the additional vocals by Durand Bernarr are wonderful, too.  Boy, does he have range.

Youtube info:

Published on Jan 29, 2014

There are forces in this world which aim to stand in the way of love; to cripple it and stop it from becoming stronger. These forces are fueled by fear, greed, power or simply by ignorance. But love is stronger than all of those things. It is the greatest force in the Universe. Hang on to your love. – Sam





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