From the e-mail they sent us…

This is Drew working on the main lead for the song…  
JK, obviously, the JK prlly wasn’t necessary, but this song was a huge smash in 2013 and really put NONONO on the map as one of 2014’s possible big breakout Indie acts and we were well familiar with the original when they approached us months ago. The most appealing bit was the fact it had so many pieces to it, which from a remixes perspective always makes it more interesting. Lately, we have bee really trying to approach songs in sections, in that each part really has a focus and accomplishes it leading into the next section ppl like alesso do this really well, and we think with this song and the originals components we were really able to create a very complete feeling track with a lot of different pieces, that takes you on a real journey in terms of the different energies between our signature pluck and the piano leads and the trap portion…
Small Bio:
Alex and Drews last mix of Tove Lo’s song Habits hit #1 on HypeM, which is their 11th #1, blah blah blah. The duo have their first very anticipated original record #SELFIE coming out on January 28th via Dim Mak Records. They will be touring all over the US this Spring as their #SelfieNation tour dates will be announced after their tracks release.





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