AUDIO: JORDAN MORRIS: “Taking Your Side” ft. Dappy

File this one under A for Amazing!  Just… wow!  This is one of the most refreshing pop songs by a new artist I’ve heard in a long time.  And it’s exceptionally well-produced.  From the almost jittery piano to the massive, throbbing EDM-style beats, which are perfectly blended with drums and sharp flourishes of strings, every note of this one is flawless.  And Jordan’s voice is incredible, his high-pitched falsetto impeccable.  Robin Thicke can only dream of singing like this.  And the rap verse by Dappy is superb as well, fitting in with the rest of the song perfectly, unlike so many rap cameos in pop songs of late.  We can’t wait to hear more by Jordan.  If this song is any indication, his debut will be one of the year’s best albums.






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