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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: LIA MICE: I LOVE YOU

Pictured on the cover of Lia Mice’s just released new album I Love You is a classic car with its roof caved in, as if it did a 360 in an accident or had a 1000 pound anvil dropped on it. What happened to the car isn’t important, but the state that it’s...
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Oh, Whinnie Williams, how can we count the ways we love you? Remember the first time you heard Lily Allen and it felt so magical and new?  Or the first time you heard Ellie Goulding, perhaps?  Well, Whinnie Williams’ Bad Girl EP is just as wonderful and exciting, primed to give you a...
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This infectious number is Michael's favorite song at the moment. It's a delightful, super catchy number that's like a cross between Duffy and the tracks Mark Ronson produced on Lily Allen's first album. With a bit of Veronica Maggio thrown in for good measure. Downright...
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