The lovely Whinnie Williams is a regular around here, as you probably recall.   I’ve posted several of the talented singer/songwriter’s videos in the past with accolades and gave a very positive review to her delicious Bad Girl EP in October of 2014.  Well, now she’s back with a wonderful new ballad, “Too Strong,” which shines as brightly as the gold glitter in its super sexy video.  It was co-written with producers Future Cut (Lily Allen, Rhianna, One Direction), who also produced Bad Girl and will be producing her debut album to be released sometime next year. As with many of her past songs, “Too Strong” finds Whinnie singing soulfully over lovely ’60’s throwback music.  “Oh you’ve been too strong for too long,” she sings during the serene chorus, her voice oozing complete cool — and soothing, too.  You’ll want to add it to your next playlist of ballads or chillout songs for sure.

“Too Strong” will be released on 11th December 2015 via Sony Red/Dats Entertainment.


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Published on Oct 29, 2015

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