Whinnie Williams is obsessed with two things: classic French pop — we’re assuming this means artists like Jane Birkin, Françoise Hardy  and Serge Gainsbourg — and ’90’s music.  (If you’re a fan of early Kahimi Karie, you’re head will explode — in a good way — when you hear this one.)  The ten songs on her brand new mixtape tend to split the difference between the two with ’90’s girl group-flavored vocals, old French pop grooves, etc.  She also reminds us of the late Amy Winehouse as well as other retro artists like Candie Payne and Duffy, though her vocals are lighter and, dare we say, prettier.  Perhaps a better way to put it is to imagine Billie Holiday singing Jane Birkin’s classic tunes.   There’s also a Mowtown vibe about Whinnie’s music.   But don’t take our word for it — download the free mixtape and draw your own conclusions!

Currently, Whinnie is in the studio with Future Cut of Lily Allen and Stooshe fame.  She’s also plotting to release a new EP on Night Beach.

Mix Tape Vol 2 – DOWNLOAD my Mix Tape!

1. Bad Girl
2. Too Little Too Late
3. Dreamy
4. Bang Bang
5. XO
6. Honey Bee
7. Little Black Cloud
8. Congratulations You’re in a Band
9. B.F.F
10. Caught Out in the Rain



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