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by Michael McCarthy Each year, I feel overwhelmed before writing a “best albums of” list. There are always so many releases that I’ve loved during any given year, it makes it very difficult to narrow them down to a reasonable number. (When I first listed my best from this year, it was 144...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: Mylène Farmer: INTERSTELLAIRES

In 2010 Mylène Farmer, the most popular French artist in the world, surprised fans when she released her first album without longtime collaborator Laurent Boutonnat, Bleu Noir. Her formula with Boutonnat was simple: Laurent wrote the music and she wrote the lyrics. At least that’s how the credits read. I should think there...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: Alizée: BLONDE

French pop star Alizée’s career was launched after France’s most popular female pop star, Mylène Farmer, discovered her while watching the television program Graines de Star in 1999. The lyrics of Alizée’s first two albums, Gourmandises and Mes courants électriques, were written by Mylène herself with her writing partner Laurent Boutonnat composing the...
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