“Living In Germany” is the solo debut of the always brilliant Valerie Renay, who you should know from Noblesse Oblige, the dark duo for which she is the singer.  Each time Valerie releases something, it seems to be darker than the last and I’d dare say that’s the case with “Living in Germany,” a shockingly aggressive, perfectly melancholic tune that shows the darker side of life in Germany while startling the listener with loud sounds from the street.  Usually Val’s work with Noblesse Oblige reminds me of Massive Attack, but “Living In Germany” is more in the vein of former Massive Attack member Tricky’s stuff.  Often, Tricky’s solo material will be dark and blaring, as he’s never been content just releasing your garden variety trip-hop songs, hence his going solo.  “Living In Germany” especially reminds me of his song “Vent” from his sophomore album Pre-Millenium Tension.  If Valerie can make an entire album this good then she’ll be an album of the year candidate for sure.  I’m so in love with this one.

"Living in Germany" cover art
“Living in Germany” cover art

Youtube info:

Published on Oct 14, 2016

Available as a digital track on:

Video directed & edited by Jackie Baier
Music & lyrics by Valerie Renay
Mixed by Moses Schneider
Mastered by Sebastian lee Philipp




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