#songoftheday = bitter’s kiss: “MY GOD”

“My God is better than your God is better than her God,” so sings Chloe Baker, better known as bitter’s kiss, on her touching new single “My God,” which points out how religious people everywhere all believe that their God is better than everybody else’s God.  It’s a light-hearted enough song, but the message is obviously a serious one and timely at that.  Such a beautiful song, too, complete with a shimmering horn section and sharp production overall.  Chloe’s songs have always sounded great, but this ups her game tenfold.  The video is stunning as well, showing people and places from all over the world of various religions, or perhaps not even religious as all, also driving home the message that we’re all just people after all.

Check out our interview with Chloe from February of this year.







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