#songoftheday = ADI feat. KDC: “Dreamin’”

Tel Aviv singer/songweriter ADI is Adi Ulmansky, who I interviewed a few years ago.  In the past, she produced all of her own music, and even remixed other artists, but this time around she decided to try collaborating with a different producer, Eric Dingus, who gives “Dreamin’” a distinct hip-hop vibe.  To that end,  American hip-hop artist KDC features on the track and it fits perfectly, unlike many rap cameos in pop songs.  I think it would also be appropriate to call this song trip-hop as its beats are slow burning and hypnotic, sucking you right in and overcoming you like a drug.  Whatever you call it, you must admit that it’s mighty intoxicating.

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Published on Nov 18, 2016

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Snapchat: adiulmansky

Written by Adi Ulmansky & KDC
Composed by Adi Ulmansky & Gil Lewis
Produced by Eric Dingus
Co – Produced by Adi Ulmansky & Gil Lewis
Mixed by Ori Shochat
Mastered by Stuart Hawkes (Metropolis Mastering)
Artwork Design: YONIL

Directed by Shir Rosenthal and Adi Ulmansky
Produced by Shir Rosenthal and Aviv Luski
Cinematography: Shir Rosenthal
Executive Producer: Shir Rosenthal
Production Manager: Aviv Luski
Editing: Shir Rosenthal
Color & FX: Shir Rosenthal

Gaffer: Shir Rosenthal
Production Assistant: Etty Meidan Rosenthal

Actors, Actresses in order of appearance:
Ori Zaltzman
Reuven Imanuel Semel
Ori Bsor
Tom Rosenberg
Ran Finkelstein (http://bit.ly/2aw9qln)
Shachar Pollack
Sharon Rosenbaum
Anna Drizo
Carmelle Sela
Shlomit Shula Lempert
Gal BePole

Styling: Adi Ulmansky and Shir Rosenthal

Management: Aviv Luski // +972-504333953

Special Thanks:
Telekom Music Talent Space, Arne Ghosh, Alon Leder, Tzvika Ron, Benjamin Lieberberg-Euler, Goytom Germay.






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