Well, suddenly the internet is ablaze with Kylie Minogue’s fantastic new single, “Into The Blue.”  And I do mean FANTASTIC.  Wow.  Everything about this song is perfect.

It starts off with some jangly, almost frenzied piano and soaring strings but soon that goes away — temporarily — and we’re smacked with a slamming beat as Kylie starts singing.  And  it proves to be one of the princess of pop’s heaviest songs ever as those mammoth and downright precious beats pound away quickly, like they’re trying to win a race. And, yes, win they do.  It’s one of the most contagious songs Ms. Minogue has ever graced us with.  It’s like someone took the very best elements of her all-time greatest songs and mixed them together, coming up with something that’s like vintage Kylie all wrapped up in a fresh, modern blanket.  It’s like “I Believe In You” on 1000 milligrams of caffeine.  And a heavier “On A Night Like This.”  It’s like “All The Lovers” with even more addictive hooks.

“I drew the smile upon my face / I paved the road that would one day leave me lonely,” Kylie sings at the beginning.  That might sound a tad bit depressing, but it actually proves to be an inspiring, self-empowerment anthem of the highest caliber.  Check out the irresistible chorus: “When I got my back up against the wall / Don’t need no one to rescue me / Cause I quit waiting up for no miracle / Tonight I’m running free / Into The Blue, Into The Blue / With nothing to lose, Into the blue.”  Marvelous, isn’t it?  But it’s the next verse that I find most inspiring: “I’m not ashamed of all my mistakes / Cause through the wind / I still kept the fire burning / These memories that I can’t erase / Always remind me I’m on an endless journey.”  If that doesn’t touch you then clearly you’re impervious to pop persuasion because it ought to make your spine tingle with delight.


Normally, Kylie is directing her lyrics at you, trying to incite you to confide in her or to motivate you to dance.  It’s rare that one of her songs is like such an open book, like an honest-to-blog confessional.  Alas, here it is, Kylie wearing her heart on her sleeve, even leaving herself a bit vulnerable.  It’s Ky-inetics 101 — or should I say won? — for a whole new generation of emo EDM addicts.  You know, the people who’ve made Zedd’s “Clarity” and  David Guetta’s “Titanium” so popular.  Here’s hoping this is Kylie’s biggest single since “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” because it sure deserves to be!




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