The Glitch Mob are an electronic music trio consisting of Edward “edIT” Ma, Justin Boreta and Josh “Ooah” Mayer. Their 2010 debut, Drink The Sea, did fairly well, giving them a rather large fanbase, especially in the EDM underground, and more than a handful of favorable reviews. Alas, it did not make a blip on my radar and I have never heard it. But I’d heard of them enough that I was curious, so I decided to check out this just released new album, Love Death Immortality. And now I’m kind of wondering what all the fuss was about. To my ears, this is a rather lukewarm, under-cooked affair.

The Glitch Mob’s formula seems to be combining EDM beats with all sorts of synthesizers and a general film score vibe. To that end, there are moments when this record almost reminds me of The Dust Brothers’ score for the movie Fight Club. Truth be told, if this album actually was film score I would probably be giving it a great review. But I was expecting an album of fully fleshed-out songs and in that respect it disappoints. To be fair, most of the tracks here do feel like actual songs. They’re just not very catchy or otherwise captivating. Listening to the album, they all tend to blend together like one long track with just one standout: the lead track, “Can’t Kill Us,” which packs a mean punch and some great buzzsaw synth. I’d say that one is worthy of including on an electronic music playlist or mix CD, but it’s the only song on the record that feels like it has its own identity. You get the feeling that the majority of their time making the album was exhausted on this song and then they just rushed the rest of it. The only other track that impressed me at all was “I Need My Memory Back” featuring Aja Volkman, but that’s mostly due to the vocals. Otherwise, it’s just more buzzing synth and flat beats. At least “Can’t Kill Us” leaves you feeling like you’ve been kicked in the chest by your subwoofer. Most of this stuff is so weak that I wouldn’t even bother trying to dance to it.







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