#review – Motley Crue: “Dogs of War”

review by Michael McCarthy

The new Motley Crue single, “Dogs of War,” is horrible. Just plain lame. As usual, Nikki was lying or delusional when he said that it was like something off of Too Fast For Love or Shout At the Devil. It’s not like either of those albums. John 5 has turned Motley Crue into some crappy nu-metal sounding band and I really dislike nu-metal. This truly sounds like something by Limp Bizkit. If you just heard an instrumental version of it, that’s what you’d probably guess. Or maybe Korn. Although, I like some of Korn’s music. This sounds like a bad imitation of Korn.

I guess Mick Mars was the most talented one in the group. We’ve had albums without Tommy Lee and Vince Neil and one of them was amazing (the self-titled with John Corabi) and one of them was kind of boring (New Tattoo) but neither of them sucked. But this “Dogs of War” song is truly awful. I was thinking about going to see them at Mohegan Sun this summer but if this is what they sound like now then I am not interested. I wonder if J5 plays the old songs faithfully or if he puts his spin on them and makes them sound like “Dogs of War”?

Thankfully, at least Motley Crue didn’t release a whole album of this crap. I know they’ve been working on more music but hopefully the very negative reaction that people are having to this song will make them wise up and actually make something that sounds more like Shout At The Devil instead of more nu-metal wannabee bullshit.






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  1. John G Avatar
    John G

    And this is why Motley should’ve stayed retired!
    Its not just one thing like J5 or Mick’s absence or even Vince’s voice. I think it’s just that they are old men now trying to relive their and our past memories of a truly great rock band. And sadly, this is what we are getting.

  2. David Avatar

    Karma works fast doesn’t it you bunch of putz! Rock on mick Mars! WE love and miss ya mick! As far as motley boo, you can all go to hell! Oh yea, when are Tommy Lee and John 5 gonna let the world know they are a couple?

  3. John Avatar


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