RED HOT REMIXES: Whinnie Williams – “Too Strong” (Acekeyz remix) = #songoftheday + Dua Lipa – “Be The One” (Shy Luv remix)

To my ears, Whinnie Williams can do no wrong.  She’s as flawless as a pop singer can get, always delivering songs with a very classic feel, like “Too Strong,” the original version of which sounds like ’60’s or ’70’s pop.  (You’d swear Carole King wrote it.)  On this new Re-work by ACEKEYZ, it retains its classic feel while sounding rather modern at the same time with punchier beats and all sorts of electro-embellishments.  It’s got everything from dubstep flourishes to record scratching and is easily as fantastic as the original version, not something I say about remixes every day.  (We previously reviewed the original version of this one here:

We weren’t aware of Dua Lipa prior to the unveiling of Shy Luv’s remix of her single “Be The One” this week.  Having just heard the remix and the original version of the song recently, it’s hard to pick a favorite.  The original version is mighty uptempo and almost has a 2-Step/UK Garage sound to it with its bouncy main beat and the arrangement of the other percussive sounds, yet it also has a bit of that ’70’s pop sound that Whinnie has going for her.  Regardless of its influences, it’s a magnificent pop song and Dua’s soulful voice is so enticing that it demands to appear on the next Disclosure record.  Shy Luv’s remix seems to kick the tempo down a notch or two, adding new beats that make it all the more ripe for dancing.  At times it’s blaring and sounds like it’d be perfect for a rap cameo, while at others it sounds like it could be a chill out track. Suffice to say, you won’t find any dubstep business here, but there’s plenty of record scratching and electronic pitter patter.  Very tasty.

Now, here’s hoping Whinnie does a U.S. tour with Dua as her opening act…

Here’s the original version of “Be The One”:

unnamed (1)

too strong ACEKEYZ remix cover


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