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#songoftheday THE NEW DIVISION: “Stockholm”

This song was posted on Youtube early last December, but there's always so much going on in the music world that it's impossible for us to check out everything. Alas, the band's new album, Together We Shine, which "Stockholm" appears on, is being released March 21st, so...
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#songoftheday SIA: “CHANDELIER”

“I’m gonna swing from the chandelier,” Sia sings enthusiastically during the massive chorus of her new single, “Chandelier,” which is without a doubt the best song she’s written during the past few years, which have seen her writing songs for a myriad of other artists with her solo career on pause.  We’ll be...
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What a lovely mid-tempo synth pop song. Very subtle verses and a downright gorgeous chorus. It has something of an '80's synth pop vibe, but we consider that a good thing. "I never wanna play along / If I double back to zero / I...
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