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#albumoftheday EEMIA: SHY

Pop singer/songwriter Eemia is from the small town of Clitheroe in the North-West of England. When she was only 18 she moved to London and began working with various other writers and producers. In 2012 she performed at the Olympic Village, singing for the athletes throughout the Summer Olympics. She also worked as...
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What a lovely mid-tempo synth pop song. Very subtle verses and a downright gorgeous chorus. It has something of an '80's synth pop vibe, but we consider that a good thing. "I never wanna play along / If I double back to zero / I...
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Ninetails are a three piece band from Liverpool. As for what sort of band they are, well, that’s nearly impossible to say. Their songs are rather mold-breaking and don’t conform to the rules of any genre, so I suppose you could call them avant-garde, but then avant-garde artists tend to be really “out...
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