VIDEO/SINGLE SPOTLIGHT: Lily McKenzie – “Where I Belong”

Lily McKenzie is a singer/songwriter/pianist based out of London. “Where I Belong” would have been a huge 2 step (otherwise known as UK garage) hit circa, say, 15 years ago. But it still feels entirely modern today, just as much as it sounds retro. The synth flourishes in particular sound straight out of 2013. Her sound is very unique and fascinating because at times it sounds rather minimalist, almost like James Blake with jumpier beats, but then there are other moments where it sounds like well-layered, intricate elctro-pop. In any case, it’s exquisitely produced and Lily has a contagious voice, so it’s an all-around winner. Katy B fans in particular will go crazy for this one. Can’t wait to hear more from this one, who has already contributed vocals to records signed to Hed Kandi and Viper Records. Some of the producers she’s worked with include Breakage, Wiley.

Lily’s debut EP ‘Support Machine’ will be released in Spring of 2014.

“Where I Belong” will be released on January 13, 2014.

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Published on Dec 17, 2013





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