VIDEO: ZelooperZ | Can’t Hang | Produced By Bulletproof Dolphin | (SEIZURE WARNING)

Seizure warning here, people.  Lots of rapid, flashing images, strobe light effects, etc.

ZelooperZ is Danny Brown’s protege.  Their styles of rapping and beats are pretty far removed from each other, and Danny Brown is clearly the one with the most talent, but ZelooperZ is a talented cat in his own right.

Youtube info:

▶ ZelooperZ | Can’t Hang | Produced By Bulletproof Dolphin | – YouTube

Published on Oct 9, 2014

| HELP | is now available on iTunes –

| HELP | is available on Spotify –

| ZelooperZ | Can’t Hang |
| Produced by Bulletproof Dolphin |

Directed by: Jimmy Regular
DOP: Jake Gaza
Produced by: Jimmy Regular
Filmed at: ‎Printer’s Row/Chinatown, Chicago


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