#songoftheday T-ARA (티아라): “FIRST LOVE (퍼스트 러브)”

An absolutely beautiful K-Pop ballad about your first love and missing your first love… If that doesn’t warm your heart then you’re probably one of those a-holes who won’t listen to music that isn’t in English.  In any case, it’s a slightly melancholic but ultimately uplifting tune with radiant vocals, lovely strings and otherwise blissed-out music.  One of the year’s best ballads thus far for sure.

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Published on Feb 20, 2014

[MV] T-ARA(티아라) _ FIRST LOVE(퍼스트 러브) (Cho Young Soo(조영수) ‘All Star’ Project)

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Perfect combi, girl group T-ARA and the star composer Cho Young Soo have met one more time for Cho Young Soo’s signature album ‘All Star’ after 1 year and 7 months since T-ARA’s ‘DAY BY DAY’. Another hit song is expected from this surprising collaboration.

‘FIRST LOVE’ is an elegant pop dance song with sexy charm that is distinct to the tango music. The lyrics about one’s first love that can never be forgotten and the powerful tango rhythm are especially impressive. Also, T-ARA’s mournful vocal and the dreamy tango music make the perfect harmony together.

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‘歌謡界の黄金コンビ’ガールズグループのティアラとスター作曲家チョ•ヨンスが「デ­イ•バイ•デイ(DAY BY DAY)」以降、今年初めてリリースされるチョ•ヨンスのシグネチャアルバム『オール­スター(All Star)』を通じて1年7ヶ月ぶりに驚きの出会いが実現され、もう一つのヒット曲の­誕生を予告した。
新曲「FIRST LOVE」は、タンゴ特有のセクシーな魅力を生かしたマイナー風のエレガントなポップ­ダンス曲で、憎くても忘れられない初恋を描いた胸が痛む歌詞と相反する強烈なタンゴの­リズムが印象的。また、ティアラの切ないボーカルと幻想的なタンゴ音楽が調和を成して­完璧なハーモニーを作った。

‘가요계 황금콤비’ 걸그룹 티아라와 스타작곡가 조영수가 ‘데이 바이 데이(DAY BY DAY)’ 이후, 올해 첫 발매되는 조영수 시그니처 앨범 ‘올스타(All Star)’를 통해 1년 7개월 만의 깜짝 만남이 성사돼 또 하나의 히트곡 탄생을 예고했다.

신곡 ‘FIRST LOVE’는 탱고 특유의 섹시한 매력을 살린 마이너풍의 우아한 팝 댄스로, 미워도 잊지 못할 첫사랑을 그린 가슴 아픈 노랫말과 상반되는 강렬한 탱고 리듬이 인상적이다. 또한 티아라의 애절한 보컬과 몽환적인 탱고 음악이 조화를 이뤄내며 완벽한 하모니를 만들었다.





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