Behold Psy’s new video for his just-released single “Gentleman.”  The video shows Psy being anything but a gentleman as he plays pranks on various people, mostly pretty girls.  It’s kind of funny, but also pretty mean-spirited.  Not sure what we think about it as of yet.



Read Michael McCarthy’s review of “Gentleman” here:






2 responses to “VIDEO: PSY: “GENTLEMAN””

  1. jaimie_ting_ Avatar

    I love kpop and I want others to love it as well, but more importantly I want them to respect it. For many around the world Psy is the only kpop artist they know, and that thought makes me sad. I feel there are so many other kpop artists more deserving of the attention Psy receives. I wish people would take the time to check out G-Dragon, 2Yoon and others to see what kpop is all about, to truly see what it has to offer.

    1. Paris365 Avatar

      I was especially saddened when Girls’ Generation failed to take here. They performed on all of the variety and talk shows and really, really tried but our American audiences couldn’t be phased… I think it might have been because the song they were doing was “The Boys,” which is one of their songs that switches styles and tempo several times, sounding like a combination of a bunch of different songs. Even for their longtime fans, those tracks can take a while to get used to, as happened with “I Got A Boy.” But they have songs that are more like normally structured songs that could do well here. “Dancing Queen,” actually, could have done well here because Duffy was moderately popular here and they brilliantly sampled her on that track…

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