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Published on Feb 10, 2014
It was 50 years ago (on February 9th, 1964), during the Beatles’ legendary first appearance on the American “Ed Sullivan Show” back in 1964, when there have been no major crimes reported in New York City between 8 – 9 pm, cause even the criminals seemed to join the estimated 73,700,000 viewers in 23,240,000 homes in the United States.
Exactly 50 years later they are still likely to be the most influential band that has ever existed. Without them, music wouldn’t be the same and a whole lot of great bands just wouldn’t exist.
Here is our take on one of the songs they performed at that show back then – “I Saw Her Standing There”. Filmed during our performance at the BaBü in Wolkersdorf (Austria) on March 7th, 2013. It was a beautiful warm night in spring!
Thank you John, Paul, George and Ringo for evoking our deep passion for music and for changing the meaning of music forever. We also want to thank every other musician and artist who has the desire to give something to this world and believes in the power of artistry.
Bass: Michael Mozeth
Drums: Philipp Wolf

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An entertainment journalist for 20 years, Michael McCarthy was a columnist and contributing editor for the magazines Lollipop and LiveWire. He co-created and wrote for Cinezine, one of the '90's most popular movie E-zines. The only time he's not listening to music is when he's watching television shows and movies or reading, usually music magazines.

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