VIDEO: LENA KATINA: Lift me up video trailer 1 (Lena was one half of T.A.T.U.)

MICHAEL SAYS: Normally, I don’t post trailers.  If I posted every trailer that came out I wouldn’t have time to post actual videos.  So, I’d rather just post the actual videos when they’re released.  That being said, I was and am a big T.A.T.U. fan and Lena was one half of that precious duo so I kind of felt obligated to post this.  Actually, no, I wanted to post this.  But I’ll understand if nobody watches it.  It doesn’t even reveal a lot anyway.  Just for die-hard fans, really.  Like me.

Youtube info:

Published on Sep 11, 2013

This is the first in a series of trailers for Lena’s upcoming single “Lift me up” to be released on September 24th on iTunes and all major online stores.

“Lift me up”

written by Jacques Brautbar, Jasmin Ash and Lena Katina
produced by Jacques Brautbar
mixed by Nathanael Boone and Sven Martin
video directed by David Lehre

Trailer edited by Matt Miller/Roundelediting





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