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Laleh got the idea for this video when filmmaker Maceo Frost showed her a dance project, that he was involved in, to Laleh. The dance project is called HOLD, choreographed & directed by Erik Linghede. In this video Laleh, together with Erik and the amazing dancers Anton Borgström and Robin Sundberg, built the idea on “the shadow and the light fighting for me” as said in lyrics of the song. One of the dancers wears black clothes and the other one white, to portray a battle between light and darkness. The choreography is based on contact improvisation, popping and modern dance.

Laleh says:
As a musician, it has been incredibly fulfilling and above all absolutely wonderful to get to know the dancers and learn more about myself. We have tried to find a tone that neither leans against seduction or plastic, no, we have instead been looking for that other element that is so hard to find and portray. I hope we succeeded this time, but I will continue to explore more in future projects. Dance is magical.

Director: Laleh & Maceo Frost
DoP/Editing: Maceo Frost
Choreography: Erik Linghede
Dancers: Anton Borgström, Robin Sundberg
Tech/Line Producer: Fred Thustrup
Producer: Gustaf Thörn

More info about the project HOLD by Erik Linghede:…





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