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Published on Sep 17, 2013

CREDITS: Jann Klose (vox, gtr), Leah Potteiger (violin), Lars Potteiger (accordion), Sam Weber (upright bass), Rob Mitzner (cajon)

Yael Shulman — director, DP, editor, motion

Florian Opahle — electric guitar on recording

Chris Marolf — bass on recording

Jann Jaffe — hair, makeup, production assistant

James Frazee — recording producer, mixing

Song recorded at Hobo Sound Studios, Weehawken, NJ

Shot on location in The Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY

© 2013 Jann Klose, BMI | |

Jann Klose’s new music video MAKE IT BETTER is a performance clip with song lyrics included in 3D. Lines like “#MAKEITBETTER,” “GREAT DIVIDE,” and “IF YOU DON’T KNOW LOVE YOU DON’T KNOW LIFE” reflect the song’s collaborative message that pushes for marriage equality, respect for the working class, and ending war.

MAKE IT BETTER is the opening track on Jann’s brand new album, MOSAIC, and has received critical acclaim, including a variety of comparisons: “The Clash meets world music,” splitting “the difference between Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen,” and “mid-career Clapton-flavored.”

Filmed over two days in three of New York City’s boroughs, the music video for MAKE IT BETTER is the collaboration of Jann and filmmaker/cinematographer Yael Shulman. Using guerilla techniques, the two (plus a production assistant) carried Yael’s camera and tripod, Jann’s guitar, and a change of clothes in New York City subways, starting near the Bronx Supreme Courthouse, then to Manhattan’s Washington Square Park, and ending up at Brooklyn’s D.U.M.B.O. and waterfront. Jann’s New York City fanbase was notified of location shoots through his Facebook and Twitter Feeds, and joined the shoot.

Yael states, “We did not use lights; we used available lighting, shooting during the day.” Jann explains, “The segment in which everyone thinks I’m playing a subway platform really is a building entrance in the Bronx with mosaic tiles.”

In conjunction with the guerilla and collaborative message of MAKE IT BETTER’s urban slice of life and the American melting pot, Jann, Yael, and their friends did instant casting by inviting a range of people to look into the camera, “In New York City it is easy to find people of multicultural backgrounds and diverse lifestyles.”

Jann Klose, a multi-cultural artist, born in Germany, raised in Kenya, South Africa, and Germany, first came to the States as an exchange student in Cleveland. Now based in New York City, his new album MOSAIC is now charting on the AMA (Americana Radio) charts. Jann sings and plays guitar for Tim Buckley’s parts in the movie GREETINGS FROM TIM BUCKLEY (out on DVD/Blu-Ray). His music is heard on the GRAMMY-nominated “Healthy Food For Thought” compilation, MTV CRIBS and movies, “Dead Broke” (Warner Bros.) featuring Paul Sorvino. TIME Magazine Columnist Joel Stein pranked Jann in his column recently. He’s co-writing songs and performing with Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart, Jeff Buckley), and poet Larry Beckett (Tim Buckley). Jann has opened for or shared the stage with Renaissance’s Annie Haslam, members of Rusted Root, Brett Dennen, Suzanne Vega, Pete Seeger, and the late Les Paul.

Yael Shulman helms many music videos for some of New York City’s cool rap and hip hop bands. Recently she handled Live Performance Camera for the rock documentary “Mistaken For Strangers” which was the opening night film of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.





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