LYRIC VIDEO: Rita Ora – “I Will Never Let You Down” – Switch Remix

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Published on May 21, 2014

Title: Rita Ora – I Will Never Let You Down – Switch Remix (Lyrics) (from Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game LP)
Published on May 15, 2014
Official lyric video from Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game
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Directed by Mario Hugo
Executive Producer: Frank Cooper III and Jennifer Gonzalez
Illustration: Magnus Voll Mathiassen and Mario Hugo
Animation: Jurriaan Hos
Production Design: Sam Hodges, Ania Nowak, Lucie Gris
Production in association with The Creators League
Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game is the world’s first visual soundtrack made up of 11 anthemic songs and companion short films, or ‘filmtracks,’ that capture the indelible spirit of the world’s most popular game — football
© 2014 Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game
(P) Roc Nation, LLC., under license to MSC Sounds
PEPSI and the Pepsi globe are registered trademarks of PepsiCo Inc.

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