LYRIC VIDEO: HEART OF A COWARD – “Nauseam” + free download link

Front man Jamie Graham about the song: “Nauseam revolves around the concept of something we all see every day within every social circle: people exhausting every opportunity given and burning every bridge they built… one day they wake to realise no-one wants anything to do with them and they are now despite by those whose opinions they hold so dear. Try too hard to be loved and you end up hated, in other words…!”

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Published on Sep 10, 2013

HEART OF A COWARD – Nauseam (OFFICIAL ALBUM TRACK). Taken from the album “Severance”. Century Media 2013.

Download the track for free here:

Support: The Charm The Fury and Malevolence
11.11.2013 (UK) Birmingham – Asylum 2
12.11.2013 (UK) Southampton – Joiners
13.11.2013 (UK) Cardiff – Full Moon
14.11.2013 (UK) London – Barfly
15.11.2013 (UK) Milton Keynes – Craufurd
16.11.2013 (UK) Sheffield – Corporation
17.11.2013 (UK) Manchester – Alter Ego
18.11.2013 (UK) Glasgow – Classic Grand
19.11.2013 (UK) Leeds – Cockpit 3
20.11.2013 (UK) Nottingham – Rock City Basement
21.11.2013 (UK) Norwich – Upstairs @ Waterfront
Tickets on sale now from





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