LYRIC VIDEO: Alexz Johnson – “American Dreamer”

We’ve never liked a song that uses “uh – huh” so much before… It’s a beautiful, laid-back but catchy kinda song.  Also, it’s nice to see someone who was a child star transitioning into being a real, more mature artist so gracefully…

You may recall Alexz from her roles as Jude Harrison in the CTV series Instant Star and as Annie Thelen in the Disney Channel series So Weird.  She did more covers on “Instant Star” than your average American Idol contestant does during their entire season of the competition.  And they weren’t all cheesy songs.  The one we remember is her impressive cover of Garbage’s “Stupid Girl.”  Probably the best Garbage cover we’ve ever heard, actually.  Not that many artists have dared to cover Garbage.

Youtube info:

Published on Jan 24, 2014

American Dreamer written by Alexz Johnson, Brendan Johnson & David Kahne
Produced, Directed, Shot, Edited: Jessica Earnshaw
Motion Graphics Designer: R. Eric Bowers
Super 8 Film Footage: Jennifer Modigliani © 1973-1975





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