IT’S (A)LIVE: Iron Butterfly – Full Concert – Live in Europe 1997

Iron Butterfly has always been one of my favorite hippie music bands and I also view them as one of the best prog or psychedelic rock bands of all time.  Feast your ears on this and discover why.  Thanks to Cormac Josh for bringing this to my attention.

youtube info:

1. Iron Butterfly Theme
2. Unconcious Power
3. In the Time of Our Lives
4. Flowers and Beads
5. Silent Screaming
6. Ezy Rider
7. Butterfly Bleu
8. Whispers in the Wind
9. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

– Doug Ingle – lead vocals, keyboards
– Ron Bushy – drums, percussion
– Lee Dorman – vocals, bass
– Erik Barnett – vocals, guitar





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