AUDIO: STRYPER: NO MORE HELL TO PAY SAMPLES (and a few words about the album cover)

I must say, this album cover baffles me.  As you can see, it shows an angel rising from flames and breaking free from chains.  The only angel I can think of that’s in flames is Lucifer, otherwise known as the devil.  Who Stryper are obviously, as Christian rockers, not a fan of.  So, why would they show him being freed from hell?  It would be pretty bold of them to go forgiving him on God’s behalf since, well, so far as I know God has never forgiven him and likely never will.  If you don’t think it’s supposed to be Lucifer, check out the album title: No More Hell To Pay.  You take that and the album cover and put them together and it can only be Lucifer who no longer has hell to pay and is thus rising up from the flames.  So, again, I’m baffled.  That said, this doesn’t bother me.  But I fear it might bother some of their die-hard Christian fans.  Then again, the band released an album of covers a few years ago called The Covering and it featured covers of bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest — bands that Christian fanatics have long accused of being evil if not entirely Satanic.  I thought it was a great album, but I did wonder if it was going to cost them some of their Christian fans.  Apparently they weren’t worried about it though.  So I doubt they’re worried about how this new album cover and title will affect their status among the population of Christian rockers either.

On a related note, I think the cover looks fantastic.  I’m wondering if the artist who did the original album cover of To Hell With The Devil did it?  It definitely looks like he might have.





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