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You’d expect a song called “Away For The Weekend” to be some sickening, sweet, saccharine, shit, but not in this case… Tammy’s “Away For The Weekend” is an intoxicating, trippy ballad-esque tune that’s much more inclined to soothe your soul than get you dancing… Now, if you want to zone out and dance in your seat, swaying from side to side, we reckon it would be ripe for that… But this isn’t one to get your twerk on to.  Far from it.  So, get ready to get hypnotized and listen!

Release Date: September 16, 2016.

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An entertainment journalist for 20 years, Michael McCarthy was a columnist and contributing editor for the magazines Lollipop and LiveWire. He co-created and wrote for Cinezine, one of the '90's most popular movie E-zines. The only time he's not listening to music is when he's watching television shows and movies or reading, usually music magazines.

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